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The visual method of recipe in our baking kit 

Our baking Kit

Our baking kit is created from years of experience, studying perfect textures, and flavors. This recipe was built from scratch, by embracing failure and practicing immensely. This is the recipe we use in our online cake shop, so we thought to provide you with the secret, so you can bake memories in your own kitchen. Our baking kit includes premium ingredients, and no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. It provides hands-on experience in baking and cake decorating. So you can create a fun activity for yourself or involve the kids to decorate with you. We have created a blog post, that you may read to assist you with the recipe methods, this blog post applies to all of our baking sponge cake kit recipes.  


Ingredients contained in this baking kit include sugar mix, cake mix, vanilla paste, icing mix,  chocolate, and recipe card.
Ingredients and equipment you need include 4 eggs, 200ml water, and 200ml flavorless oil for the cake batter. For the icing you need, 250g softened butter and 100ml whipping cream. We recommend you use a stand mixer or a beater for this recipe, you also need one measuring cup, or if you do not have a measuring cup but you have a weighing scale with a normal coffee cup or glass would do just fine. 


Cake batter

Eggs and Sugar mixture
Eggs, Sugar and Vanilla Paste
Beating eggs and sugar together

Step one: 

  • Preheat the oven to 180 Degrees Celsius.

  • Every oven is different, if you feel that 180 degrees is too hot you can always turn the oven to 170 Degrees Celsius and increase a few minutes of baking time but stay alert and do not overbake.

  • Beat 4 eggs, sugar mix, and half of the vanilla paste with a hand beater/or stand mixer, on high speed until pale yellow, then slowly incorporate oil. We recommend using canola oil or any flavorless oil that will do great, once oil is added you will notice the batter becoming thick.

Cake batter after mixing the ingredients thoroughly
Mixing the ingredients
Adding cocoa powder to the batter
Adding water to the batter with cocoa
Mixing the ingredients after the addition of cocoa powder
Pouring the batter in cake pans

Step two:

  • Measure 200ml water in a measuring cup or if you have a weighing scale, you can place any coffee cup or glass and measure 200g which is the same as 200ml.

  • Add water and dry mix in the sugar egg mixer made earlier in step one. Beat the mixture on low, until no dry ingredients are found and all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. DO NOT OVERMIX.​

  • For pistachio rose cake: you may add only 190ml of water and one of the bottles of rose water with your dry mix.​

  • Optional, you may use full-fat cow's milk with 2-3ml vinegar or buttermilk instead of water if you wish. 

Step three:

  • Line your cake tin with baking paper and pour the batter equally into the pans (you may use four 6” round/heart pans OR two 8” round/heart pans).

  • Place the cake in the oven for 20mins, check on the cakes after 20 mins with a toothpick/wooden skewer, if they are still wet from the top, or jiggly, place them back in the oven to bake until the toothpick comes out clean. DO NOT OVERBAKE.  It is always better to check the oven temperature with a thermometer so you don't overbake your cakes. This is key to getting a soft fluffy cake and not a dry cake. 

Checking if the cake is baked

Cake Icing 

Mixing butter
Adding icing mixture to the butter
Mixing of icing mix and butter with addition of chocolate ganache
Adding cream to the chocolate discs provided
Chocolate ganache
Adding a bit of chocolate ganache to the icing mixture with butter
Final cake product after following all the steps

Step four:

  • Make the icing by using soften butter, you can always soften butter in the microwave for a few seconds until soft but NOT MELTED.

  • Place softened butter into a bowl, and beat on high until the butter becomes white and whipped.

  • Then lower the speed of your beater and add icing mix with the rest of vanilla paste, until mixed.

  • Then beat on high speed until the buttercream becomes fluffy. The consistency should be light and creamy. 

Step five:

  • For the chocolate cake:

  • Let's make the ganache by placing the chocolate (given in the baking kit) in 100ml/g of whipping cream into a bowl and microwave for 30-sec intervals until all chocolate is dissolved. Then cool this mixture, once cooled add half of this mixture in your buttercream and mix and keep half of the mixture for your chocolate drizzle if desired.​

  • For pistachio rose: You can add one of the rose water bottles left previously for the extra flavor in the buttercream. And decorate as desired.

Step six:

Ice your cake once the cake is cool and enjoy!

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