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WE WILL BE ON MATERNITY LEAVE FROM 7th of JULY 2022 TILL 1st of November 2022.
Please DO NOT place an order on these dates above. 
We are grateful for your patience we will be back baking cakes and delivering all over Perth, WA from November 1st which includes the Christmas holidays.  Thank you for all your support to our small family business!

Kinder Brownies

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Our best selling Belgian chocolate brownies just got even better!

Sweet, soft, luscious, delightful and so chocolaty. Our Kinder™ Brownies have everything you would want from a dessert bar. The goodness of Kinder™️ combined with white and milk chocolate chips and our rich Belgian chocolate brownies make the perfect combination that would leave you speechless.

So don't wait and order now to experience the luxurious taste of our brownies!

Product may contain Soy, Gluten, Milk, Egg and Nuts.

Ordering a cake for a family/friend in Perth?
Please write your own name under Billing address and write your receiver's name, phone and address under Shipping address. This way we can let your receiver know that you sent the dessert!

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