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Perfect gift

Cupcakes makes a delicious present! Personalise our cupcake gift box for the special person! 

A party without Cupcakes, is it even a party?


Choose a flavor, add your logos and advertise your brand so your customers can remember you with a great memory!



Advertise so your audience can remember you!

Branded Logos

Cupcake letters/Numbers

Self-serve Cupcake letters/numbers 

Cupcake letters/numbers are so convenient when you have a larger crowd and want to offer more flavors to your guests! Easy cleanups, no utensils required and they are self-serve! Contact us to get a quote!


Cupquet (Cupcake Bouquet)

Send flowers that are also Edible

Send flowers that they can eat! Edible cupcake bouquets are available via our online cake shop to win the hearts of your loved ones! 


Assorted cupcakes 

we can make a variety of cupcake flavours for your next party, so you won't have to!

We only provided assorted cupcake flavors on a large cupcake order. Contact us to get the quote now! Please note, we only provide assorted cupcakes on 48 cupcakes (4 boxes of 12 cupcakes) hence 4 dozen cupcakes! 

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